Introducing the vineyard

Developed close to the city of Reims with passion, champagne JY Pérard will make your tasting moments of an unforgettable one...

Generations of passionate winemakers that have shaped the vineyard

It is in 1635 that the first wine of the Pérard family moved to Cernay -Les- Reims. Since then winegrowers generations have succeeded until 2000, when Jean -Yves was naturally installed to perpetuate this legacy . Based on a working vineyard reasoned manner , environmentally to develop quality wines.

A land of old vines where there chardonnay

Our lands are characterized by vines dominated more than 95% from Chardonnay, white grape used for the production of Blanc de Blancs and known for its delicate and floral aromas and for its freshness and length. The rest of the area is occupied by two other varieties of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes with black skin and white juice.

The wisdom of a man , the strength of a land, the beauty of a wine...


Champagne Brut
Blanc de Blancs

This 100 % chardonnay champagne, cellar-aged for four years, reveals the high quality of our grapes. The delicacy and consistency of this wine show our savoir-faire.

A subtle and delicate champagne, to be savoured for itself and on any occasion. It will work in perfect harmony with a scallop carpaccio, truffles and timut pepper, caviar or a duo of John Dory and white turbot.

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Champagne Extra Brut
Blancs de Blancs

This wine is exclusively made of chardonnay.

This excellent wine will enhance your appetizers. It is also ideal with noble fish, shellfish, oysters au gratin with mousseline, seared scallops in butter, blinis with smoked salmon, or with smoked halibut.

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Vintage 2012

This champagne is exclusively made of chardonnay from the 2012 vintage. Like every exceptional vintage, this cuvée has not been blended in order to reveal its true character.In the limit of the available stock.

This champagne is perfect with quail and morel wrap on a bed of seared foie gras, foie gras poached with white truffles or roasted spiced langoustines.

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Champagne Brut

This champagne is a blend of 3 grape varieties: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay.

This champagne is ideal with flavoursome desserts or berries, for example with a berry fruit pavlova.

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Extravagance brut

This champagne is a balanced blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay.

This champagne is ideal as an accompaniment to seafood casseroles, white fish and lightly creamed citrus sauces. Also goes well with creamy cheeses as a chaource.

Fiche produit


This wine is made of 100 % pinot meunier.

As an apéritif, or with foie gras. Best served between 8 and 10°C.

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Who, better than our customers,
to talk about our work?

Saveurs et Vins - Paris 12ème

The elegance, the purity and its fine bubbles awaken the taste buds as an aperitif and enchant us at the time of the meal. Rosé with dessert is a delight.

Michelin Stars Chef

A Royal Bream of the Country, a sprinkled with cabbages and tomatoes in the field! Accompany this beautiful plate of thin bubbles of Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs JY PERARD.


Its fine and continuous effervescence coats a golden robe with greenish reflections. Smells of quince paste caress the nose with touches of brioche. Palate fine and balanced until the finish slightly saline while fresh, my favorite!

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